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: Python Programming Crash Course: A Smarter and Faster Beginners Step by Step Guide to Learn Python Programming with Practical Exercises, Interview Questions, and Tips and Tricks
: Brayden Smith Smith, Hein Smith
: Amazon
: 2019
: 118
: 0.5 Mb
: English

Learn to use Python! Your hands-on Quick-start guide to Python Programming
If you are really serious about Python Programming and want to get into the real Python programming world within the next 7 days of your Life?
If YES then you are in the right place. Why? Because this is the only book that comes with Interactive Codes? (thoroughly tested and proofread by experts), Expert Tips and Tricks? (stand out from the crowd) and Exercises? (with their Solutions) (make the concepts stick to your mind).
Python Programming Crash Course is an easy to follow book that will introduce you to the Python language without leaving any stones unturned. Even if you have absolutely no coding experience, Python for Beginners will not only give you the foundations you need to become an expert in Python; it will also help you set the stage to learning more advanced coding methods in Python and even in other programming languages.
Python is the perfect tool to use in order to learn coding from the ground up. Its able to run on any computing platform, from Mac to Windows, while also being extremely easy to use and learn. Even more important, Python is finding applications that go well beyond mere pedagogy. By learning the basics of Python, you are setting the stage for becoming an expert with a skill that is important across industries, from airlines to hospitals to self-driving cars.
This book is presented for complete beginners. As a result, it is suitable for virtually any skill level. If you have never programmed once before in your entire life, Python for beginners is going to be the book for you, enabling you not only to master the basics of Python but also to learn many of the general principles of computer programming that can be applied to any programming language.


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