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: Fundamentals of Machine & Deep Learning: A Complete Guide on Python Coding for Machine and Deep Learning with Practical Exercises for Learners (Sachan Book 102)
: Dr. V K Sachan
: Smt. Jay Devi Sachan Memorial Publication House
: 2020
: epub/pdf(conv.)
: 198
: 20.9 Mb
: English

This book is written to provide a solid foundation in machine learning using Python libraries by providing case studies and real-life examples. It covers topics such as the fundamentals of machine learning, the introduction to Python. It is intended for students studying machine learning in their Undergraduate and Post graduate courses in Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering and Electrical Engineering. An introduction to a wide range of deep learning topics, covering conceptual and mathematical backgrounds, deep learning techniques used in industry, and research perspectives. The text provides conceptual and mathematical background, covering relevant concepts in linear algebra, probability theory, and information theory, number computing, and machine learning. It describes the deep learning techniques used by industry professionals, including deep feedback networks, regularization, optimization algorithms, convolution networks, and hands-on methodology. This text book Fundamentals of Machine and Deep Learning is organized into Ten Chapters. Chapter -1: Machine LearningChapter-2: Machine Learning AlgorithmsChapter -3: Models of Machine LearningChapter-4: Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningChapter 5: Mathematics & Python Programs for Machine LearningChapter- 6: Future Scope of Machine learning in FutureChapter 7: Introduction of Deep LearningChapter-8: Models for Deep LearningChapter 9: Deep Learning AlgorithmsChapter- 10: Future Scope of Deep LearningSalient Features Comprehensive Coverage of Machine Learning Algorithms, Models of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Mathematics & Python Programs for Machine Learning and Future Scope of Machine learning in Future New elements in book include Deep Learning, Models for Deep Learning, Deep Learning Algorithms and Future Scope of Deep Learning. Clear perception of the various program using Python with a large number of neat, well drawn and illustrative diagrams. Simple Language, easy- to- understand manner.Our sincere thanks are due to all Scientists, Engineers, Authors and Publishers, whose works and text have been the source of enlightenment, inspiration and guidance to us in presenting this small book. I will appreciate any suggestions from students and faculty members alike so that we can strive to make the text book more useful in the edition to come.


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