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: Professional Scrum Development with Azure DevOps
: Richard Hundhausen
: Microsoft Press
: 2021
: 432
: 30 Mb

Master proven processes for improving development with Scrum and Azure DevOps
This guide can help any development team plan, track, and manage work far more effectively, by combining todays leading agile framework (Scrum) and Microsofts ALM/DevOps toolset (Azure DevOps). Renowned Scrum expert Richard Hundhausen thoroughly covers team formation, backlogs, Sprints, test plans, collaboration, flow, continuous improvement, Azure Boards, Azure Test Plans, and the real-world tradeoffs associated with DevOps. Throughout, youll find practical, in-the-trenches tips from experienced Professional Scrum Developers. To make this guide even more valuable, Hundhausen has organized it to complement Scrum.orgs popular Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) program, which he created with Scrum.orgs Ken Schwaber, author of this books Foreword.

Professional Scrum Trainer Richard Hundhausen shows how to:

Deepen your understanding of the Scrum framework and Professional Scrum as based on the 2020 Scrum Guide.
Provide proven work item planning and tracking, and quickly drive value from Azure Boards
Improve your Scrum pre-game: the tasks youll perform before your first Sprint
Use Azure DevOps to create and manage backlogs, plan Sprints, and collaborate throughout them
Improve at scale with Scaled Professional Scrum and the Nexus scaled Scrum framework
Recognize which practices are still most efficiently performed without tools
Define and optimize team flow, overcome common dysfunctions, and evolve into a high-performance Professional Scrum Team


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