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Zombie Scrum Survival Guide (The Professional Scrum Series): Zombie Scrum Survival Guide (The Professional Scrum Series)
: Christiaan Verwijs, Johannes Schartau, Barry Overeem
: Addison-Wesley Professional
: 2020
: 320
: epub
: 10.1 MB

Escape "Zombie Scrum" and Get Real Value from Agile!

Millions of professionals use Scrum. Its the worlds #1 approach to agile software development. Even so, by some estimates, over 70% of Scrum adoptions fall flat. Developers find themselves using Zombie Scrum processes that look like Scrum, but are slow, lifeless, and joyless. Scrums just not working for them.

Scrum is cited by analysts and the press as the most widely used agile framework, with potentially millions of people applying it every day. To prove its impact, just wear a T-shirt with Scrum written on it and walk through an airport. People will stop you and ask you questions about Scrum and if you can help them do x or y. But there are many people using Scrum and not getting the most out of it. They are, as Christiaan, Johannes, and Barry describe, acting like zombies, mindlessly using the Scrum artifacts, events, and roles but not really getting the benefits from it.

Zombie Scrum Survival Guide reveals why Scrum runs aground and shows how to supercharge your Scrum outcomes, while having a lot more fun along the way. Humorous, visual, and extremely relatable, it offers practical approaches, exercises, and tools for escaping Zombie Scrum. Even if youre surrounded by skeptics, this book will be the antidote to help you build more of what users need, ship faster, improve more continuously, interact more successfully in any team, and feel a whole lot better about what youre doing. Suddenly, one day soon, youll remember: thats why we adopted Scrum in the first place!

Learn how Zombie Scrum infects you, why it spreads, and how to inoculate yourself
Get closer to your stakeholders, and wake up to their understanding of value
Discover why Zombie teams cant learn, and what to do about it
Clear away the specific obstacles to real continuous improvement

Make self-managed teams real so people can behave like humans, not Zombies Zombie Scrum Survival Guide is for Scrum Masters, Scrum practitioners, Agile coaches and leaders, and everyone who wants to transform Scrums promises into reality.

Zombie Scrum Survival Guide (The Professional Scrum Series)

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