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: Figure Drawing in Proportion: Easy to Remember, Accurate Anatomy for Artists
: Michael Massen
: North Light Books
: 2016
: epub/pdf
: 144
: 40.2 Mb
: English

Traditional methods of measuring body proportions rely on the abstract memorization of convoluted fractions or multiples of the human head. But artists shouldn't have to be mathematicians. Figure Drawing in Proportion introduces a better, more intuitive, less intimidating way to get proportions right. It starts with the revelation that--despite the wonderful variety of bodies in this world--the human figure has standard size relationships artists can build upon for accurate renderings. If you know, for example, that the collarbone is the same width as the head, it's much easier to draw the head in proper relationship to the shoulders. Knowing that the palm should be the same width as the knee helps establish the correct relationships in a seated portrait. This book highlights dozens of such key internal and comparative measurements. Once you start looking, you will discover even more. Ideal for any level of artist, this practical approach to proportions makes figure drawing more approachable and more rewarding. Inside you'll find:
- 9 full step-by-step demonstrations, using various poses and figures to show proportioning techniques in practice.
- Internal and comparative measurements and how to apply them to figure drawings.
- Simple strategies for recalling key proportions as you work.


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