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: Dynamic Figure Drawing: A New Approach to Drawing the Moving Figure in Deep Space and Foreshortening
: Burne Hogarth
: Watson-Guptill Publications
: 2002
: 177
: 101,03
: English

Dynamic Figure Drawing is the most essential - and the most difficult - of all skills for the artist to learn. The hardest problem is to visualize the figure in the tremendous variety of poses which the body takes in action, poses which plunge the various forms of the body into deep space and show them in radical foreshortening. Foreshortening itself is, in fact, the single most challenging aspect of figure drawing. This book introduces the author's own revolutionary system of figure drawing - a system which makes it possible to visualize the forms of the human body from every conceivable point of view as they interlock in deep space. With this system, you will be able to draw an incredible variety of poses, actions, and gestures without a model, and with the correct relationships between forms.


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