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: How to draw fashion figure: Essential figure drawing techniques for womens wear designers (Fashion Croquis Book 5)
: Irina Ivanova
: Art Design Project, Inc
ISBN: 0984356045
: 2019
: 155
: Mirknig.su
: 59,3

Draw a fashion figure from scratch. Learn how to change any figure template by making simple transformations. Save time and effort on the fashion figure drawing process.
The book is a collection of techniques and methods which allow you to:
draw accurate fashion figure with less stress and with minimum effort
modify proportions and body style of the figure
create multiple figures of various styles from the same croquis
No previous figure drawing knowledge and skill is required for this book.
Beginners: Jump start your drawing process: skip tedious typical figure drawing routine. Find the method which works best for you. Develop your drawing style with practice.


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