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: How to Draw: A Comprehensive Drawing Course: Still Life, Landscapes, Buildings, People, and Portraits
: Ian Sidaway, Susie Hodge
: CompanionHouse Books
ISBN: 1620082950
: 2019
: 352
: Mirknig.su
: 26,8

Learn the Basics of Drawing Drawing is an essential skill that represents the first step into all other visual arts. This practical book teaches aspiring artists how to draw the most popular topics: buildings, landscapes, people, portraits, and still life. Even absolute beginners will be amazed at what they can achieve by working through this book and learning from the tips, tricks and know-how of experienced artists.
Fifty original, exciting projects free readers to practice and perfect their skills without dreary routine exercises. Each demonstration features a photograph of the subject, the finished drawing, clear instructions, and step-by-step photos. How to Draw shows how to draw with a variety of different media, including artist's pencils, chalk, charcoal, dip pens, graphite sticks, and more. Inside How to Draw: Practical art instruction for drawing all of the most popular topics: buildings, landscapes, people, animals, portraits, and still life.


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