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: The Absolute Beginner's Big Book of Drawing and Painting
: Mark Wilenbrick
: North Light
: 2014
: 1018
: 235 Mb
: english

Everyone can draw and paint, including you!
Even if you have never drawn or painted before, you can start creating your own beautiful artwork. Let the Willenbrinks show you how!
Beginning with materials and basic techniques, these pages will teach you everything you need to know to get started in drawing, watercolors and oil painting. Follow along with 75+ demonstrations and mini-demonstrations as you learn how to draw and paint a wide variety of subjects: people, landscapes, buildings, still life and more. Every essential art topic is covered, from sketching and shading to composition and color. Simple step-by-step instruction and many enormously useful lessons and tips will have you making your own masterpieces in no time!
You may be an absolute beginner, but great results are absolutely within reach!


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