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: Paint & Draw Anatomy
: Future Publishing Limited
: 2021
: pdf
: 132
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The human body is beautiful, complex and utterly unique, with no single figure the same as another. This individuality is what makes drawing the human form so tricky there are very few certainties or rules when it comes to drawing people. However, bringing the figure to life involves more than just re-creating what you see in front of you; its essential to understand the body and what lies beneath it. In Paint & Draw: Anatomy, find out how to draw from life successfully, from simple warm-ups to get your creative juices flowing, to in-depth tutorials on different areas of the human body. Discover how to realistically sketch some of the most complicated parts of the figure, including the head and the hands, and learn how to bring it all together to illustrate the entire figure.

Paint & Draw Anatomy 2nd Edition 2021:


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