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: Mindful Exercise: Metarobics, Healing, and the Power of Tai Chi: A revolutionary new understanding of why mindful healing works
: Peter Anthony Gryffin, PhD
: Ymaa Publication Center
ISBN: 1594396175
: 2018
: 152
: epub, pdf (conv)
: 10.19 MB

Today, more doctors than ever are prescribing tai chi for patients recovering from injury, illness, and surgery.

This book presents over ten years of research into how and why Tai Chi benefits health from an evidence-based, medical perspective.

Dr. Peter Anthony Gryffin demonstrates the link between health and metarobics, his term for slow, meditative exercises that enhance blood oxygen saturation, diffusion, and oxygen-based metabolism. Metarobics - including Tai Chi, qigong, and yoga - focus on relaxation and deep breathing. Dr. Gryffin's research shows that these exercises offer a wide range of benefits for treating chronic disease.

Dr. Gryffin cites numerous scientific studies as well as testimonials from patients who have experienced the natural healing benefits of metarobic exercise. Many have surmounted chronic health problems to improve their quality of life. Some even overcame grave diagnoses.

This book features:
- More than 120 scientific studies on tai chi and other metarobic exercises
- More than 50 case stories from Tai Chi, qigong, and yoga practitioners
- Clear, straightforward language
- Tested guidelines to improve your metarobic exercise and maximize health benefits

In a collaborative overview of the unique differences between Tai Chi and similar exercises, Drs. Linda Larkey, Roger Jahnke, Jennifer Etnier, and Julie Gonzalez noted that what differentiates Tai Chi and related exercises from conventional forms of exercise is a focus of the mind on the body while using breathing as a vehicle for deep relaxation. The authors note that based on differences from aerobic exercises, a new category of exercise needs to be defined, one involving meditative movement.

This brings us to Metarobics (sometimes spelled Metaerobics) as forms of movement distinct from aerobic and anaerobic modes of exercise. The theory of Metarobics is centered on the unique way the body responds in relationship to oxygen use during slow, relaxed movements. I use the word Metarobics for two primary reasons. The first is that blood oxygen measurements show that slow, relaxed movements, coupled with deep abdominal breathing, maximize blood oxygen saturation and diffusion to every cell of the body. With the root meta (meaning above), Metarobics thus becomes above aerobics, as an enhanced way of using oxygen in the body.


Mindful Exercise: Metarobics, Healing, and the Power of Tai Chi: A revolutionary new understanding of why mindful healing works


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