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: Yoga in the Music Studio
: Lesley S. McAllister
: Oxford University Press
: 2020
: pdf
: 409
: 46,3
: English

Yoga in the Music Studio brings the popular and beneficial practice of yoga to music teachers and students of all instruments and ages, from preschoolers to senior adults and all those in-between. Expert on mind-body techniques Lesley S. McAllister provides a unique opportunity for all to
improve their musical craft, enabling teachers to help their students concentrate, listen more attentively, relax, and play their best - whether before a performance or just during lessons - all through the practice of yoga.

Many music teachers know that yoga postures and breathing practices can help musicians achieve peak performance, prevent injury, and relieve pain, yet surprisingly few are themselves familiar with these techniques or know how to introduce them to their students. McAllister welcomes the music teacher into the philosophy and history of yoga, introducing them to the research behind yoga's physical and emotional benefits. Step-by-step illustrations of practical stretches and useful poses then guide the teacher to the yoga practices that suit their individual needs and those of their students. An accessible and comprehensive yoga curriculum, Yoga in the Music Studio will help to improve students' musicianship, while contributing to their lifelong health and wellness.


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