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: Hacker's Guide to Neural Networks in javascript
: Venelin Valkov
: Amazon
: 2020
: 163
: 10 Mb
: English

Build Machine Learning models (especially Deep Neural Networks) that you can easily integrate with existing or new web apps. Think of your ReactJs, Vue, or Angular app enhanced with the power of Machine Learning models. A hands-on approach to understanding the basics of Machine Learning, build models and deploy real-world solutions using TensorFlow.js with javascript. Run your models in the browser or on the server with Node.js.

Solve real-world problems and learn about Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Deep Reinforcement Learning by building and training Deep Neural Networks in javascript.

A blend of theory, simple explanations, examples, and complete source code serve as a thorough introduction to the beginner, while the experienced professional will enjoy the practical solutions to common problems.


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