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: Ramakrishna Seethala, Litao Zhang
: Handbook of Drug Screening, 2nd Edition
: CRC Press
: 2009
ISBN: 9781420061680; 1420061682
: Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences (Book 196)
: English
: pdf
: 10,9 mb
: 504

The success of "Handbook of Drug Screening" first edition and the profound advances in how drug screening is done today led to the second edition of this book. Since the writing of the first edition, screening has matured and became one of the essential functions for drug discovery. Screening departments have can ed out their place among the core scientific disciplines in pharmaceutical companies. The pace of drug discovery is increasing, leading to advances in target validation, compound screening, compound libraries, instrumentation, robotics, as well as data handling and mining.

Some of the fundamental topics described in the first edition are retained and updated. In the last decade genomics, proteomics, assay technologies, structure-based drug design, automation, and medicinal chemistry have come together to improve the quality and efficiency of drug target validation and potential drug compound selection. New platforms for screening have been developed, with emphasis on reduction of assay cost and improvement of data quality and assay throughput. Since drug screening is a rapidly expanding science, several new chapters have been added including proteomics, microRNA, high-content screening, lead optimization, compound management, and quantitative high-throughput screening.

The first edition gives the basic foundation of drug screening. This second edition describes advances and impacts of target validation, drug screening methods, target family based screening methods, cell-based assays, and quantitative high-throughput screening on drug discovery. The combination of these approaches improved efficiency to help the early stages of drug discovery in identifying suitable leads that fuel medicinal chemistry programs and reduced the time for preclinical development of drug candidates. Throughout this edition, the state-of-art technologies used in academic and industrial drug discovery process are discussed by experts in the field.


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