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: Thai Massage the Thai Way: Healing Body and Mind
: Chaithavuthi Jan and Kanchanoo Muangsiri
: Thai Massage Book Press
: 2007
: 18
: / English

THAI MASSAGE THE THAI WAY: Healing Body and Mind second edition is the outcome of an in-depth study of centuries old texts in their original form. The theory has been compiled from historians, the Ancient Language Section of the National Library, temples, and sacred texts. Learn the theory and background of original Thai massage and realized the true benefits that this ancient art has to offer mankind. Complete with diagrams and sources of SEN SIB. The true facts of Thai massage are unveiled.

The Practical part is the outcome of an unprecedented historic meeting of respected masters of Thai massage from the renowned twelve traditional Thai Medicine related organizations around the country, between 1985-1987, under the auspices of Thai Massage Revival Project whose aim it is to preserve and present good quality Thai Massage to the world.

Tha Tom Tam Healing System based on more than two decades of research and practice has been incorporated to rearrange the massage sequence and to ensure maximum healing benefits to the body. Experience the most comprehensive techniques of the Foundations of Thai massage in the modern era presented in over 420 pictures and illustrated.


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