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21 Breaths: Breathing Techniques to Change your Life: 21 Breaths: Breathing Techniques to Change your Life
: Oliver James
: Unicorn Publishing Group
: 2021
: 160
: pdf, epub
: 11.8 MB

Who knew there was a breath for everything? Oliver James, a body-led therapist and growing presence in the world of breath and Breathwork, introduces us to twenty-one simple but extraordinarily effective breathing techniques that will, quite literally, change your life.

Are you desperate for a good night's sleep; do you require powerful pain relief or perhaps you wish to supercharge your fitness and self-care? 21 Breaths offers a means to look after yourself naturally, using the wisdom of your body and the extraordinary power of breath. Easy-to-follow instructions accompany beautiful sketches to help you experience the remarkable potential that has always been there, under your nose. This is a little book with huge potential and the perfect companion for 21st-Century living.

There is a breath for everything. This might sound like an extraordinary claim, but the reasoning is based on something extraordinarily simple: our entire being, from our physical presence to our thoughts and emotions, are inextricably and completely connected to breath.

Breathing techniques can be as strong and effective as any medication and as impactful as any psychological therapy or physical intervention.
Since we spend every living moment breathing, this statement may come as a shock, but as you practise breathing techniques, you will find it to become increasingly true. Something happens when we transition from breathing naturally, without awareness, to breathing consciously, with purpose.


21 Breaths: Breathing Techniques to Change your Life


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