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: The Complete Book of Hot & Spicy Asian Cooking
: Vicki Liley
: Periplus Editions
: 2007
: pdf
: 226
: Mirknig.su
: 18,12
: english

This cookbook is a paradise for the senses. In Asian cooking (and in this case, "Asian" includes India and a few African dishes, as well as the familiar Southeast Asian countries), spices do more than flavor the food. They add color, smell and texture, transforming simple meats and vegetables into a seductive and sumptuous feast, one that is consumed with the eyes and nose as well as the mouth and tongue. The combination of heat and spice is what really makes Asian cooking stand out, combining flaming chili peppers with cinnamon and coconuts, or lemongrass and lime leaves.
"The Complete Book of Hot & Spicy Asian Cooking" does a good job of living up to its name. Its heavy, thick and packed with recipes. Every recipe has a stunning photograph, and everything looks delicious. The recipes are sectioned off into styles of cooking, like "Appetizers and dips", "Laksas and soups", "Chicken and duck", "Fish and Seafood", "Vegetables and salads", "Drinks" and "Sauces, stocks and condiments". There are 9 sections in total, with each section having around 20 or 30 different recipes.


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