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: Heavenly Fragrance: Cooking with Aromatic Asian Herbs, Fruits, Spices and Seasonings
: Rajah, Carol Selva
: Periplus Editions
: 2012
: 268
: 15,3 Mb
: English

In Heavenly Fragrance, award-winning chef and author Carol Selva Rajah brings you on an unforgettable journey of aromatic discovery in the preparation of foods from different parts of Asia. Inspired by fond memories of fragrant dishes from her childhood, Carol has always believed that what sets Asian cooking apart from other traditions is its vast array of highly fragrant and aromatic ingredients. In this book she sets out her definitive collection of new and classic recipes for cooks who wish to recreate the memorable flavors and aromas of Asia at home.

The recipes in Heavenly Fragrance are organized according to the aromatic ingredients usedAsian Herbs, Fruits, Spices and Seasoningswhich makes the creation of a meal as simple as picking and choosing from what you've already got stocked in your pantry.

Delicious recipes include:

Spring Rolls with Orange Chili Sauce
Pineapple Lime Salsa with Mint
Chicken Satay with Fragrant Spices and Coconut
Eggplant Sambal with Black Mustard and Cashews
Crab Soup with Lemongrass, Tamarind and Mint


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