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: Python Coding: Tools and Basics for Beginners
: Travis Booth
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2019
: 178
: epub, pdf (conv)
: 10.1 MB

You Too Can Code Python Like a Genius!

You want to learn all about Python but where do you begin? There are so many different moving parts to it and learning Python coding is not al inear process. In fact, Python mostly assumes you already know some of it in order to proceed further!

Python Coding takes you from your very first baby steps in installing Python on your machine all the way to writing your first automated scripts. Along the way you'll learn the basics of variables, data types and all the handy tips and tricks passed down over the years by your fellow Python lovers!

Programming is not an easy thing to do. Perhaps youve tried it before and are intimidated. Or if youre going to be like most readers of this book, you have some programming experience and are looknig to get your hands dirty with Python. It seems to be everywhere these days.

In short, Python is a smart language and facilitates programmers when they are creating a program. It helps you to get the level of functionality that is required during the creation of a program. It knows how to stay out of your way and how to save you from undue hassles while you are consuming your energy on composing lengthy codes. You will be able to write programs that are readable, clear and comprehendible. In short, Python has a lot more to offer than most of the other programming languages out there in the market.

Tibay sometimes disagrees with me, saying that Python is not as fast as C or C++. But it is not always about the speed. It is also about the ease of use and comprehension of code, in addition to understanding the errors you commit during composing codes. Tibay adds that you can save a great deal of time during the course of programming, which many other programming languages dont offer. The difference in the speed is remarkable. Even if you dont know the basics of programming, Python is so easy that you can start using this language right away.

Join Travis Booth, author of Machine Learning With Python and Python Data Analytics, as he teaches you all about:

Installing Python onto your machine
An introduction to basic commands and data manipulation
The basics of lists and strings
Python syntax basics and organizing statements and other tools
The basics of exception handling and file manipulation

and so much more!

Stop trying to learn Python the wrong way and learn how wonderful it really can be. Join the hundreds of people who have learned how easy it is to learn to code Python. With hard work, you too can be a Python genius!

Python Coding: Tools and Basics for Beginners


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