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: Python Programming in100 Pages: Python Programming for Beginners, python crash course
: Ayoub Ighrini
: Amazon
: 2020
: epub/pdf(conv.)
: 2.8 Mb
: English

Getting started in coding can be tough. You may have looked at a few of the most popular coding languages, such as C++ or Java or .net, and been a bit scared by what you saw. The pages may have been filled to the brim with letters and symbols that you just didnt understand, and you became frustrated and just wanted to walk away. Many people are scared of programming and feel like it is just too hard for them. But with the Python programming language, you will find that it can be easier than ever to learn about coding and to even read it like a professional.
1 Learning About Python The Origins of Python Why Use Python?
2 The Benefits and Negatives of Python The Benefits of Python The Negatives of Python
3 Common Terms You Should Know with Python
4 Getting Started with Python Text Editor
5 Learning the Basics of Python Programming
6 A Bit More on Comments
7 Variables and What They Do in Python Conclusion


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