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: Power Electronics Applied to Industrial Systems and Transports, Volume 2: Power Converters and their Control
: Nicolas Patin
: ISTE Press Ltd
: 2015
: Mirknig.su
: 319
: 11,58
: English

This book provides a comprehensive overview of power electronic converters (DC / DC, DC / AC, AC / DC and AC / AC) conventionally used in industrial and transportation applications, specifically for the supply of electric machines with variable speed drop off window. From the perspective of design and sizing, this book presents the different functions encountered in a modular way for power electronics.

Power Converters and Their Control details less traditional topics such as matrix converters and multilevel converters. This book also features a case study design of an industrial controller, which is a synthesis (except the AC / AC direct conversion) of the study subjects, including sizing associated passive components.

Introducing essential notions in power electronics from both theoretical and technological perspectives
Detailed chapters focusing on power supplies for electrical machinery, including a case study of full dimensioning of an industrial variable-speed drive
Presented from a user's perspective to enable you to apply the theory of power electronics to practical applications


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