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: Power Electronics Applied to Industrial Systems and Transports, Volume 4: Electromagnetic Compatibility
: Nicolas Patin
: ISTE Press Ltd
: 2015
: Mirknig.su
: 200
: 20,61
: English

If the operation of electronic components switching scheme to reduce congestion and losses (in power converters in general and switching power supplies in particular), it also generates electromagnetic type of pollution in its immediate environment.
Power Electronics for Industry and Transport, Volume 4 is devoted to electromagnetic compatibility. It presents the sources of disturbance and the square wave signal, spectral modeling generic perturbation. Disturbances propagation mechanisms called "lumped" by couplings such as a common impedance, a parasitic capacitance or a mutual and "distributed constant", for which the spatial-temporal character must be taken into account, are also covered.

This book also provides spectral analysis among other items that contain inequality Heisenberg-Gabor, very useful for understanding the spread spectrum PWM type signals.

Introducing essential notions in power electronics from both theoretical and technological perspectives
Detailed chapters with a focus on electromagnetic compatibility
Presented from a user's perspective to enable you to apply the theory of power electronics to practical applications


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