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: Power Electronics Applied to Industrial Systems and Transports, Volume 5: Measurement Circuits, Safeguards and Energy Storage
: Nicolas Patin
: ISTE Press Ltd
: 2016
: Mirknig.su
: 271
: 24,7
: English

Through three detailed chapters, this book outlines the functions and capabilities of static converters such as sensors used in protection devices and energy storage devices with a thorough review of the technologies and applications of all these components, including monitoring aspects.
The author outlines the main quantities to monitor in power converters (current, voltage and temperature) and the sensor technologies that are currently available in the market, with often experienced practical measurement problems and analog circuits allowing you to overcome these issues.

Presenting measurements and the physical phenomena, which impact the accuracy of measures
Provides and overview of the main technologies of sensors available on the market, each with their advantages and drawbacks

Protection devices are shown for all kind of failures, helping you to designing reliable converters and guarantee precision within a rigorous framework


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