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: Power Converters for Electric Vehicles
: L. Ashok Kumar, S. Albert Alexander
: CRC Press
: 2021
: True PDF
: 272
: 11 Mb
: English

Power Converters for Electric Vehicles gives an overview, topology, design, and simulation of different types of converters used in electric vehicles (EV). It covers a wide range of topics ranging from the fundamentals of EV, Hybrid EV and its stepwise approach, simulation of the proposed converters for real-time applications and corresponding experimental results, performance improvement paradigms, and overall analysis. Drawing upon the need for novel converter topologies, this book provides the complete solution for the power converters for EV applications along with simulation exercises and experimental results. It explains the need for power electronics in the improvement of performance in EV. This book:
Presents exclusive information on the power electronics of EV including traction drives.
Provides step-by-step procedure for converter design.
Discusses various topologies having different isolated and non-isolated converters.
Describes control circuit design including renewable energy systems and electrical drives.
Includes practical case studies incorporated with simulation and experimental results.
Power Converters for Electric Vehicles will provide researchers and graduate students in Power Electronics, Electric Drives, Vehicle Engineering a useful resource for stimulating their efforts in this important field of the search for renewable technologies.


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