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: Simple Keto Diet Cookbook: Essential Recipes for Easy Keto Lifestyle
: Alberto Ferrari
: Independently published
: 2019
: 112
: 11 Mb
: English

Willing to try the world-famous ketogenic diet, but afraid it would affect your budget? Worry no more, the "Simple Keto Diet Cookbook: Essential Recipes for Easy Keto Lifestyle" is here to bring you an essential collection of stress-free and budget-friendly keto recipes to make your keto journey a delightful and effortless experience!

As you know, the ketogenic diet is based on the consumption of healthy, unprocessed and nutrient-rich foods, while eliminating health-hazardous sugars and carbs. This drastic nutritional change contributes to improving your overall health, blood markers, energy levels, and of course, it brings the long-sought weight loss, achieved through the state of ketosis.

With the first results coming pretty soon, people tend to get excited and stick with eating the same keto-friendly foods every day. And soon, the lack of rotation starts feeling boring and difficult to bear, making many of us think of the old days and sweet sugary treats.

With this amazing and easy keto cookbook on hand, you will forget about the dull days and enjoy wholesome and exciting keto meals to boost your mood and overall progress on the diet! In addition, all the recipes featured in this book of keto recipes are friendly on your budget and consist of common foods that you wont have a headache finding.

So, wait no more, order "Simple Keto Diet Cookbook: Essential Recipes for Easy Keto Lifestyle" written by Alberto Ferrari, a renowned nutritionist and holistic health expert, to get your ultimate collection of low budget keto recipes with detailed directions and appealing pictures to raise your keto game to a whole new level!


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