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: Medium Tanks of Germany in the World War II: Unique modern and old world war technology
: William S. Carson
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2018
: 91
: epub, pdf (conv)
: 15.6 MB

This book is devoted to the models of medium tanks used by Wehrmacht during World War II. Outside you will learn the history of the creation of medium tanks, their tactical and technical characteristics. I also included various upgrades and experimental models of medium tanks.

The book is intended for those who are interested in military armored vehicles.

German tank building in the eyes of an inexperienced reader looks like something from the snuffbox. It may seem that a decade and a half after the end of the First World War, German industry suddenly came to life and immediately gave out first-class examples of armored vehicles. Miracles do not happen: besides German engineering engineers like Volmer and Merker, who worked abroad, Germany had its own tank program. It developed in secret, and its result was the appearance of tanks of a very strange construction. One of these machines was Grosstraktor, the middle tank, which became the personification of the German tank building of the 1920s. It was the first step on the way to the creation of Pz.Kpfw.IV - the most widespread German tank of the Second World War.

By the beginning of the Second World War, the armored tanks of the Third Reich included light tanks Pz Kpfw I, Pz Kpfw II, Czech tanks Pz Kpfw 35 (t), Pz Kpfw 38 (t), medium tanks Pz Kpfw III and Pz Kpfw IV, and armored personnel carriers.

The armament of the tanks consisted mainly of small-caliber guns and machine guns, which enabled them to create at close distances the fire zone necessary to defeat and demoralize the enemy's manpower, and the high speed of the tanks was the main factor of a rapid and deep breakthrough into the enemy territory.

In this edition there are only a few tanks. A full description of the models is available in the extended version of the book.



Medium tank as a priority

Medium tanks of Germany
Medium Tank "Grosstraktor"
Medium Tank E-50
Medium Tank Pz.Kpfw.III
Medium Tank PzKpfw IV

"Series E": The unborn killer of tanks

Medium Tanks of Germany in the World War II: Unique modern and old world war technology


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