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: British Tanks and Armored Cars in the World War I: The best technologies of world wars
: John B. Carpenter
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2018
: 105
: epub, pdf (conv)
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This book covers the history of the creation and evolution of British armored vehicles during the First World War. We will focus on the most significant models of tanks and armored vehicles of this period.

Tanks appeared an attempt to break the stalemate of a positional war. Machine guns and quick-firing cannons swept the advancing infantry units clean. Neither the long-lasting artillery preparation nor the flamethrowers and chemical weapons tested by the Germans helped. It urgently required an armored combat vehicle capable of acting directly on the battlefield, suppressing the enemy's firing points, and paving the way for the infantry through wire fences.

The first attempts to create such a machine were made before the war. Many inventors from different countries wished to possess the priority in the invention of the tank. But the first to realize the idea and successfully used tanks in combat conditions the British.

English heavy tanks of the First World War had a specific shape, not repeated by anyone else, in the form of a diamond-shaped body with enclosing caterpillars. It was conditioned by the appointment of the machine: to lay the way to the infantry through wire barriers by moving through the trenches and funnels to the battlefield.

In this book, we will look at several models of the British tanks and armored cars.


Introduction. History before the advent of the tank
The first tanks in the UK
Heavy tank Mark I (Mk I)
Heavy tanks Mk II, Mk III, and Mk IV
Heavy tanks Mk V and Mk V * (with a star)
Heavy tanks Mk VII and Mk VIII
"Landing Tank" Mk IX
Medium tank Mk A "Whippet"
Medium Tank Mk B
Medium Tank Mk C
Organization of the first tank units

British Armored Cars

Armored car Rolls-Royce
Armored car "Lanchester", model 1914
Armored car "Peerless"
Armored cars "Austin" English built in Russia
Armored cars "Austin" built Putilov plant

British Tanks and Armored Cars in the World War I: The best technologies of world wars


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