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Tanks and Armored Vehicles (20th Century Weapons)
: Ian V. Hogg
: Tanks and Armored Vehicles (20th Century Weapons)
: Franklin Watts
ISBN: 0531048683
: 1984
: 21,8
: 56

Ian V. Hogg's "Tanks and Armored Vehicles", published in 1984 by Franklin Watts, is an outstanding book on the development and history of tanks and armored vehicles since World War I. It is, so far as I know, a book published only in a form of hardcover specifically designed for the demands of library use. I don't know just what makes up the unique cover, but it is tough and stands libary service well, as one would expect. The book is a mere 47 pages long and is meant for the children's section of the library. Even so, it is rich in detail that is presented in a way that both children and older newcomers to the subject of armored warfare will be able to read and enjoy


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