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: Armored Vehicles in the Early XX Century (Extended edition): Weapons and military equipment of the world
: Dick W. Kerry
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2018
: epub, azw3
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This is an extended edition. Here you will find samples of little-known military armored car of the early 20th century.
This book is devoted to wheeled armored vehicles of the early twentieth century. Here the main models of armored cars and their characteristics are published.

Armored cars, as is known, appeared before tanks. The latter were not even in sight, but the armored cars were already in the arsenal of many armies and were successfully used in battles.

The first battle-worthy armored vehicles were created at the very beginning of the 20th century. On April 4, 1902, the English engineer Frederic Simms demonstrated in London his "motor war car". This car became, in fact, the first real armored car in the world. The project, which was completely completed by Simms by the summer of 1898, was acquired by Vickers, Son and Maxim, which carried out the construction.

The car had an armored body open from above, resembling the hull of a warship. Instead of the projected two machine gun towers installed three machine guns, closed shields. For the observation of the battlefield, a periscope was intended. The thickness of the armor reached 6 mm, which provided good protection. As the power plant was used four-cylinder engine "Daimler" with a capacity of 16 hp worked on heavy fuel.

The demonstration of the armored car aroused great interest among the public, but not the ... military ministry: it rejected the idea of Simms.


Armored Vehicles in the Early XX Century: Weapons and military equipment of the world


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