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: Tanks and Armored Vehicles of Great Britain in the World War II (Extended edition): The best technologies of world wars
: John B. Carpenter, William S. Carson
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2018
: 108
: epub, pdf (conv)
: 21.1 MB

This is an extended edition. It added several models of original models of England tanks.
This book is devoted to the tanks and wheeled armored vehicles of England, which were used during the Second World War. Here you can learn the history of their creation and compare tactical and technical characteristics. Also, there are examples of the participation of armored vehicles in certain battles.

The development of British armored vehicles in the prewar years reflected a conflict of opinion on the nature of the future war. Supporters of the creation of mechanized armies, who believed that the Second World War with their participation should end quickly, with a single strategic strike that within days or even hours would decide the outcome of the battles and force the enemy to surrender, insisted on the creation of "cruising" tanks.

They were lightly armored tanks, with increased speeds and with guns of caliber 40 mm. To test their views on the future war, they achieved the creation of the first experimental mechanized compound in the British armed forces in 1927.

There was also a group of influential military forces, based on the headquarters of the land forces of England, who believed that the main destiny of the tanks was the direct support of the advancing infantry. To do this, low-speed heavily armored tanks with 40-75 mm cannons are used - so-called "infantry" tanks. As a compromise, it was decided to have both cruising and infantry tanks in service. Infantry tanks included tanks of the type "Matilda", "Valentine" and "Churchill", cruising - "Crusader", "Cromwell", "Comet".



Light, medium and heavy tanks:
Light Infantry Tank "Valentine"
Light tank Mk VIII "Harry Hopkins"
Medium infantry tank Mk II A "Matilda"
Heavy infantry tank "Churchill"
Cruising tank "Covenanter"
Cruiser tank "Cromwell"

Wheeled armored vehicles:
Reconnaissance armored car Humber Mk.IV
Intelligence armored car M6 "Staghound"
Armored personnel carrier Universal
Dingo Mk I (Scout Car Daimler Dingo)
Reconnaissance armored car Daimler Mk I

Extended part:
Light reconnaissance tank Mk VIA
Light tank Mk VII "Tetrarch"
Medium tank "Ram" (Canada)
Cruising tank "Crusader"

Tanks and Armored Vehicles of Great Britain in the World War II (Extended edition)


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