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: Waking Energy: 7 Timeless Practices Designed to Reboot Your Body and Unleash Your Potential
: Jennifer Kries
: HarperElixir
: 2017
: 18
: / English

Internationally renowned mind-body-spirit innovator and fitness and wellness expert Jennifer Kries offers a groundbreaking synthesis of the greatest wisdom traditions of the Eastfrom QiGong to yogato help readers reboot energy reserves and unleash their potential.

Modern life is stressful and depleting. We all want more energy, but choosing among the variety of wellness practices can be overwhelming. Now, with Waking Energy, her life-changing wellness program, you dont have to. Instead, Waking Energy features seven distinct practices that can either stand alone as their own complete rituals, or as parts of a whole, including: QiGong Kundalini Yoga Yin Yoga Vinyasa Yoga Five Tibetans Pilates Inner Smile Healing Sounds Meditation.


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