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: Strength Training for Women (Bloomsbury Sport)
: John Shepherd
: Bloomsbury Sport
: 2016
: 15
: / English

Afraid of training with weights? Worried of putting on too much muscle? Think again. Many women avoid including strength training in their workout habits, afraid that they will become bulky and unfeminine, but the truth is that weights and resistance-training methods could be the single most important element of a woman's fitness routine.

This book will guide you through the process of starting a strength training program. Whether you're looking to create your own program or to follow a premade one, Strength Training for Women has you covered. Packed with full-color photos and descriptions of more than thirty exercises, the book provides three six-week workout programs along with advice on how to interchange exercises. Start strength training today and watch yourself tone up, burn fat, and get the body you've always wanted. Strength training is for women.


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